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Anna Questerly
Bookseller and bibliophile turned author, Anna Questerly writes medieval fiction and fairy tales for smart kids and young hearts. For adults, she creates Utopian fantasy as A.J. Questerly.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Reviews Matter!

Thank you all so much for leaving such touching reviews on Amazon!  

I'm sharing a few of my favorites here. Whenever I consider giving up on publishing new books, I read through a few. It means more than you'll ever know. Thank you! 

PattiBay reviewed The Minstrel's Tale (The Minstrel's Tale Trilogy Book I)
 A wonderful tale of travel, mystery, and adventure! 
As Ms Questerly tells her story, the reader travels along with her to a place and time where the stories are not written in books such as we have today, for that type of manufacturing is centuries away. Rather the stories are told by a minstrel as HE shares his travels and stories with us and as he teaches his skill to his new apprentice. This story weaves a tale mixed in with some historical facts that leave the reader looking forward to turning the next page, as the adventures of the minstrel and his apprentice have that hint of historical familiarity.
Although Ms Questerly's target audience may have been a bit younger than this reader, there are more than enough twists and turns to satisfy me. I enjoyed every page of this story, and I look forward to her next book!

GeorgeP reviewed The Minstrel's Tale (The Minstrel's Tale Trilogy Book I)
 Wonderfully entertaining! 
I loved every part of this book. Obviously it is "easy" reading but a beautifully constructed tale that is thoroughly entertaining. Now I am just looking forward to Book Two!
I'm an "upper middle aged" man who reads a variety of different milieu. This book was a delight and I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a book simply to enjoy reading!

Walter Edward Carver reviewed The Minstrel's Tale, Book II
 Perfect for young adults 
As a confirmed bibliophile, I gave two of these books to two very precocious nine year olds. As a follow-up, I found that the young ladies were thrilled, and enjoyed the books tremendously. I had read the books before giving them, and discovered them to be both interesting and well-written for any age. Ms. Questerly has also recently published THE MINSTREL'S TALE II, which is equally well-written. I highly recommend this book, and the series which appears to be at its beginning, to young adults and the adult reader as well.

Charner V. reviewed The Minstrel's Tale III
 The Minstrel's Tale III 
I waited all summer for this! What a well-researched and well-woven saga!Thank you, Anna Questerly, for tying up this tale. I do wish the 'fairy tales' were available in book form, as I would love to share them with younger children.I have been wondering about Amos Jr.'s pirate adventure, though - was it just another 'tale'? I would recommend this series to any age group.

Christine reviewed The Minstrel's Tale III
 What an awesome read 
I love this series. What an awesome story line and Anna Questerly is an amazing author who creates a spellbinding story leaves the reader wishing that the story would never end!! These Minstrel's Tales will become classics! I highly recommend this series for both adults and older children. I look forward to Ms Questerly's future writings!
Peaceseeker reviewed Pangaea: A Utopian Fantasy
 Well play me a salsa, this book could blow your mind 
I always respond positively to authors with the skill to construct flowing, ‘blank-verse’ sentences disguised as prose. Just one example will give you a flavour: “This vision quivered in her mind, much like the heat radiating from a highway in the distance on a scorching summer day.” This is a well written, well-structured book with cleverly woven story strands, perceptive characterisation and important issues to ponder.

DH reviewed Pangaea: A Utopian Fantasy
 Awesome story! 
I previously read this author's Trilogy, The Minstrel's Tale, and was highly anticipating the release of PANGAEA and the wait was well worth it!
The book is an amazing fantasy, verging on reality in a perfect world and the all the characters have such descriptive personalities, that I felt I was part of the story and I was consumed by every chapter.
Pangaea was easy to read (though the story was told in 1st person and 3rd person) because the chapters were short and very well written.
I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy/reality historical love stories!
Thank you!
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